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Man Kills Transgender Woman Who He Thought Was His Dad

Man Kills Transgender Woman Who He Thought Was His Dad Promo Image

A Colorado man has been arrested after he shot and killed a transgender woman who he thought was his father.

Joseph Saur, 19, showed up at the Olathe Police Department on Nov. 5 reportedly "under the influence of some kind of drug," according to the police affidavit. He had shot 28-year-old Patience R. Stewart multiple times in the face as she was lying in her bunk in a tiny camper, according to Daily Mail.

Saur told the police chief, George Jackson, that his father had undergone a sex change to become Stewart, according to the affidavit. Saur said he believed that his father had undergone gender reassignment surgery to help hide his true identity after committing unspecified "bad things."

The suspect said Stewart began giving him "hints" that confirmed his suspicions. He could not provide any details to police as to what those alleged hints were.

Saur also told the authorities that he ultimately shot Stewart in self-defense. He said he thought Stewart was going to grab a gun at the time, the affidavit states.

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"Joseph said Patience was getting mad at him and was figuring out that Joseph 'knew' about this new identity," read the affidavit.

Saur then walked to the police station, which was only a few blocks away. He threw his handgun away while on the trip. Police later recovered the weapon.

Authorities found Stewart's lifeless body in her trailer. She had four gunshot wounds to her face. Two wounds appeared on the chin, while another two appeared below each eye. There were no signs of a struggle at the scene of the crime.

Investigators also found Stewart holding a methamphetamine pipe in one hand and a lighter in the other, KUSA reported. The victim's mattress was covered in blood.

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Law enforcement officials have since contacted Saur's real father, who expressed serious concern about his son's methamphetamine addiction.

Police also received a phone call from somewhere near the scene of the crime. That call was made about an hour before Saur turned himself in.

The caller reportedly told police that "someone was walking on his camper rooftop." The caller then said he thought there was "a shooter on his roof" before hanging up.

Saur was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, although formal charges have yet to be filed. Investigators have not yet determined whether Saur and Stewart knew each other prior to the incident, the Denver Post reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, KUSA, Denver Post / Featured Image: Eric Lumsden/Flickr / Embedded Images: Montrose County via KUSA, Facebook via Daily Mail

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