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Father Mistakes Daughter For Burglar, Shoots Her

An unidentified man recently shot his 16-year-old daughter, whom he thought was a burglar, and crashed his car while taking her to a hospital in Frederick County, Va.

"The male subject stated, ‘My daughter's been shot and I’m taking her to the hospital.’ There was an open line for a few seconds and then the phone disconnected," Frederick County Sheriff Captain Donnie Lang told (video below).

The teen's father was getting ready for work at about 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday when his alarm system signaled that his garage door had been opened.

"When he went to go investigate what had set off the alarm, he heard some banging and rustling around in the garage,” added Captain Lang. “At that particular point, he obtained a firearm that he had there in the kitchen area."

The dad was unaware that his daughter had sneaked out of the home earlier in the night and was sneaking back in. The dad claimed someone was walking towards him and fired his gun, hitting his daughter, noted WHSV.

The dad then rushed his daughter to a nearby hospital, but accidentally wrecked his car on the way there.

Fortunately, EMTs were able to get the teen to the hospital where she is in stable condition.

No charges have been filed against the dad, who was not injured in the car crash, but an investigation is ongoing.

Sources: WHSV, (Image Credit: Francois Polito)


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