Man Shoots at Colorado Police with AR-15-Style Assault Rifle

An unidentified man in Longmont, Colorado, allegedly opened fire on a police officer with an AR-15-style assault rifle and was shot himself.

According to a Longmont Police Department press release obtained by The Coloradoan, a police officer stopped the man early Tuesday morning at 2:15 a.m. for driving without headlights. The cars pulled into a shopping center parking lot.

The press release says: "Immediately after stopping, the suspect exited his vehicle, advanced on the officer and began firing multiple rounds at the officer with an AR15-style rifle."

The police officer shot back with his Glock 17, hitting the man three times, reports 7 News.

The police officer was not injured, but the man was taken to a local hospital and then to the  Denver Health Medical Center where he is in critical condition.

The Longmont Police Department placed the police officer on administrative leave during the investigation, which is their standard policy after a shooting.

Source: The Coloradoan and 7 News


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