Man Shoots and Kills Stepdaughter Who Was Sneaking Back into House


A Colorado Springs man shot and killed his 14-year-old stepdaughter as she was reentering the house after sneaking out, believing her to be a burglar.

Colorado Springs police reported that the incident occurred at 6 a.m. on Monday, initially called in as a “burglary-in-progress.”

The police came to the residence to find that the victim was actually the man’s teenage stepdaughter.

“It has been determined that the victim's stepfather is the individual who shot the firearm, striking the victim who was a resident of the involved home,” police wrote in a press release. 

KOAA reported that scanner traffic indicates the girl may have been coming in through a window— presumably sneaking back in after being out for the night. She sustained a gunshot wound to the chest and was rushed to the hospital, where she soon died.

The police believe the shooting to have been accidental. No arrests have been made.

Neither the girl’s name nor her stepfather’s have been released as the police department and District Attorney’s Office continue their investigation of the case. Colorado Springs police spokesman Larry Herbert said the police are looking into the stepfather’s intent and whether his actions were reckless.

Coloradoans are legally allowed to defend themselves against intruders using firearms according the state’s “Make My Day” law.

Sources: Gazette, ABC 7, KOAA , FOX 21, ABC News


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