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'Who Would Have Thought It?': Man Finds His Car Stuck In Frozen Block Of Ice (Photos)


A Russian man was shocked to discover that his car had become frozen in a massive block of ice overnight during a blizzard. 

Mirror reports Vlad Pokrovski, 32, woke up to find his Lada Priora, which he'd parked the night before in a small ditch outside of his apartment in the city of Saratov, Russia, completely frozen solid from the wheels up. The ditch in which he parked reportedly filled up with water overnight.

With the help of his friends, Pokrovski attempted to break his car free of the ice that engulfed it, all the while fighting the -22 degree Fahrenheit temperature. The group eventually gave up on their efforts.

"We tried pouring hot water over it but that just froze and made it worse," Pokrovski said. "We then tried hacking the ice away with spades and knives, but it is so hard some of them broke."

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Pokrovski then decided to call a local garage, who told them that trying to get the car out would be a "waste of time."

"I’m not even sure its worth trying to get free. The engine will be dead from being flooded and I don’t think it can be repaired," garage owner Andrey Teliatev said. "In fact, repairing it would cost about the same as getting a new one."

Pokrovski said he never thought something like this would happen to his car just because he parked in a ditch. 

"I can’t believe this. If I hadn’t parked in that ditch this would never have happened, but who would have thought it?" he said. "I guess the snow must have melted and then when the temperatures fell froze."

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Source: Mirror Online

Photo Credit: CEN via, WikiCommons


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