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Man Sexually Assaults Bike

Swedish people are known for their tolerance, but some things cannot be tolerated.

A masturbating man has been caught on film rubbing himself against the seat of a bicycle, whose owner had grown tired of finding the tires punctured and set up a camera to capture the person doing it.

In the film, a hooded man approaches the bicycle, punctures the tires and then proceeds to pleasure himself.

"I am not scared of him, but mostly irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix," said Per Edström to the newspaper.

The man appears to be holding a picture in his hand, and Edström expressed concern that it may feature his girlfriend.

"My girlfriend finds it all a little concerning, you never know if he has checked her out in some way, and whether it is a picture of her he has in his hand when he is masturbating," he told Kvällsposten.

Östersund police are investigating whether there is any connection between the recent spate of masturbation bike attacks with similar incidents from 2007.

A 35-year-old man was arrested in 2007 after having slashed the tyres and ejaculated over some 20 bike seats in the city.

Sources: NewsWithTags, TheLocal


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