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Man Sets Pit Bull Dog on Fire (Video)

A dog was set on fire and burned to death in Houston, Texas on Saturday morning.

Firefighters were called after residents saw black smoke coming from a sewer on a neighborhood street.

However, when the fire department arrived they made a grisly discovery (video below).

"It appears the dog was dumped and set on fire," Harris County Fire Marshal investigator Scott Schoonover told KHOU-TV.

A male suspect was recorded on a home surveillance tape, which showed him pulling to the side of the road in a dark sedan at 10:15 a.m. Saturday.

The unidentified man is seen on the video walking back and forth between his car and the sewer, shortly before the black smoke appeared.

"The suspect somehow pushed the dog or dumped the dog into the storm sewer as he was lighting it on fire, and it was on fire inside the sewer," added Schoonover.

The man had reportedly walked around the same neighborhood on Friday night, trying to sell the dog for $100.

Source: KHOU-TV


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