Man Sets House On Fire While Attempting To Kill A Spider


A Seattle man accidentally set his house on fire in an attempt to kill a spider with a homemade blowtorch.

According to reports, firefighters were dispatched to the scene after the man’s house caught fire. The man, who was renting the house with his mother, reportedly saw a spider in the laundry room, so instead of just stepping on it, he decided to make his own blowtorch using a can of spray paint and a lighter. Unfortunately, the makeshift blowtorch wound up lighting the whole room on fire, and eventually, it started to spread to the rest of the home.

“I saw flames coming out of the side of the house and heard popping sounds,” neighbor Sue Green told KIRO-TV.

Reports say that firefighters were worried that there could be ammunition inside the home, so they cautioned neighbors to get away from the scene. Fortunately, firefighters were later able to rule out any threat of explosive materials.

“There were giant clouds of smoke pouring out of the windows,” neighbor Kaitlin Sharp recalled.

Now, the Red Cross is finding temporary housing for the man and his mother, and reports say that it will cost around $40,000 to repair the house itself and around $20,000 to replace the things destroyed inside.

Sources: KOMO News, KTVU, KIRO-TV


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