Man Sets Another Guy's Genitals On Fire For Sleeping With His Girlfriend


In a scene that could have been taken straight out of a soap opera, one man in Chicago lit another man’s genitals on fire for sleeping with his girlfriend.

“This will be a lesson to you, I lit your (genitals) on fire,” he said to the victim during the alleged act.

The man who was burned apparently walked down the street to a Laundromat to apply Vasoline to the burned area in an attempt to sooth it. Police found him there soothing his burns and took him to a local hospital to be treated.

According to the police report, the angry man walked in on his girlfriend having sex with the other man, who is 30 years old. He reportedly got so angry that he punched the guy in the face, which knocked him unconscious, and then proceeded to take a Bic lighter and light his genitals on fire. The lighter was reportedly on the high setting.

Still, no one is currently in police custody.


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