Man Seriously Injured After His Bull Taunting Backfired (Photos)


A Spanish man suffered serious injuries after he threw a bottle of water at a bull while watching a bull-run and the angry bull retaliated.

51-year-old Jose Briseon is still recovering from the injuries he received when the agitated bull fired back at him. Reports say that Briseon threw a water bottle at the animal to taunt it, but the man likely didn’t expect the bull to come charging towards him.

As seen in a captured video of the incident, the bull throws Briseon up into the air, gores him and proceeds to trample over him.

“The man was tossed around by the bull and was screaming in pain as horrified spectators watched on helpless,” said witness Armandio Frias, according to the Daily Mail. “He was one of several tormenting the bull and trying to get the bull to notice him. Unfortunately for him, the bull really did notice him and gave him his full attention.”

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(via Daily Mail)

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(via Daily Mail)

While Briseon continues to recover from the serious injuries he sustained during the bull-run, officials are warning people of the dangers that are associated with this type of event.

“It is part of the experience of a bull run. Sometimes the bull has his way, sometimes you have yours,” said a local official. “It is a chance you take when you take part in such races. Bulls are dangerous creatures and every year people get seriously injured and even killed by the creatures.”

It’s not clear what happened to the bull after it gored Briseon.

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