Man Sentenced For Decapitating His Mother's Cat


In June, Rudy Espinoza knocked on his neighbor’s door wearing only boxer shorts and covered in blood and scratches. Understandably suspicious, Espinoza’s neighbor called for help and claimed that Espinoza appeared to be under the influence of some substance.

After deputies arrived at Espinoza’s Salem, Oregon, home and did some investigating, they discovered he’d decapitated his mother’s cat and were told the animal was “evil and nosy,” KOIN reported.

Espinoza also allegedly broke the cat’s tail, according to the Statesman Journal.

On the night of the attack, Espinoza was reportedly under the influence of LSD, also known as acid.

Though Espinoza was arrested on two counts of aggravated animal abuse, police also found MDMA, also known as ecstasy, in his bedroom. Prosecutors claimed that authorities later discovered a manufacturing operation that involved selling the drugs online using bitcoin.

Espinoza, now 25, pleaded guilty to animal abuse and one count of delivering MDMA. A second count of aggravated animal abuse and two counts of manufacturing/delivering a controlled substance were dismissed.

Marion County Judge Jamese Rhoades sentenced Espinoza on Dec. 17 to more than four years in prison, The Associated Press reported.

Although Espinoza’s mother initially sought a restraining order against him, she wrote in a letter to the judge that she wanted it to be dropped and pleaded for leniency, according to the Statesman Journal.

Espinoza wasn’t able to explain why he killed the cat, but he said he was disgusted with his actions and apologized to his mother for scaring her.

Sources: KOIN, AP via The Huffington Post, Statesman Journal (2) / Photo credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office via Statesman Journal

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