Man Sentenced To 30 Years In Jail For Enslaving Mentally Disabled Woman And Her Daughter For Two Years


An Ohio man who kept a mentally disabled woman and her 5-year-old daughter enslaved for two years has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Reports say that Jordie Callahan, 27, and his 32-year-old girlfriend, Jessica Hunt, kept Shannon Eckley and her daughter locked in a snake pit for two years and repeatedly abused the two.

Callahan and Hunt reportedly kept the two locked up so that they could force them to do manual labor. Callahan reportedly threatened the mother and daughter, saying that if they didn’t stay in line, he would release his pets onto them, including a poisonous python, scorpions, lizards, spiders and pit bulls.

The mother and daughter were reportedly forced to live in a cold, dark basement for those two years, and Callahan reportedly forced the woman to perform sex acts on him. Eckley, who is mentally disabled, was able to escape by getting arrested for shoplifting candy at a local store. When she was caught trying to steal the candy bar, she reportedly told officers that she wanted to go to jail because "people had been mean to her."

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“Mr. Callahan, through his cruelty, sought to deprive the victims in this case of their dignity and their freedom,” said attorney Stephen Dettelbach. “He failed in the former, and the victim's strength ended up trumping his. As for the freedom part – now it is the defendant whose freedom will be taken, for a long time.”

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Callahan has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, and his girlfriend, Jessica Hunt, is set to be sentenced later this week.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News, 19 Action News


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