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Man Screams He Will Blow Up 'Bomb' on Airplane (Video)

A passenger on Spirit Airlines flight 404 disrupted the airliner and made bizarre outbursts last Friday.

The airplane was traveling from Fort. Lauderdale, Fla. to Atlanta.

The unidentified pilot of the airliners said the unidentified man was disruptive during the entire flight, but started throwing things at other passengers and yelling once the plane landed, reports CBS Miami.

A YouTube with the username “zjazzmanz” was a passenger on the flight and posted a video (below) of the man's outburst after the plane landed.

Atlanta police officers boarded the plane and asked the man to leave with them, but he refused.

The man told police officers they were “enemy agents” and began shouting, "There’s a bomb on the plane! There’s a bomb on this f------ plane! If she takes me off I will blow the f------ plane up!"

Police officers hauled him off of the airline and took him to Grady Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation.

"Folks, it will just be a few more minutes, please remain seated," the pilot told the passengers, noted The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "We'll let you know. I appreciate everyone's cooperation. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone on board that airplane today for that."

Spirit Airlines said no one was injured and nothing dangerous was found on the plane.

Atlanta police have no plans to charge the unruly passenger.

Sources: CBS Miami and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(Note: Confrontation begins at 1:00 mark on video)



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