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Man's Six Dates Ditch Him To Hang Out With Each Other (Photos)

Man's Six Dates Ditch Him To Hang Out With Each Other (Photos) Promo Image

A man in the nation's capital scheduled six dates on the night of Aug. 6, and it didn't quite work out for him.

Justin Schweiger arranged to meet the six women in the same bar, reports the Daily Mail.

The first date was with Lisette Pylant, who began live-tweeting from the scene after a second woman arrived just 45 minutes into their date.

"Towards what I guess what would have been the end of our date, his second date shows up and he introduces me to her as his friend," Pylant later said in an interview with Inside Edition.

After a third date arrived on the scene, Pylant reported it on her Twitter thread. "The two girls and I decided to be best friends, left together to go get drinks and dinner at another bar and left homeboy with the bill."

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However, not long after leaving, they were alerted by the bartender that a fourth date had arrived at the bar.

At that point, Pylant and her new friends headed back to the bar to confront Schweiger.

Pylant summarized the evening by tweeting: "You win some, you lose some - but hopefully you make three new best friends in the process, cheers ladies, don't f*** with us."

After Pylant's Twitter reportage went viral, Schweiger was approached by Inside Edition to give his side of the story.

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"I do stack my dates," he admitted in the resulting interview. "I do typically book them at the same place. I'm very time-oriented, efficiency-oriented."

He claimed to have been "very up front" and honest with his six dates. "I never said, 'Let's go on a date.' I always say, 'Let's meet for drinks.' If I take you on a date, you will know it's a date. There will be flowers and dinner and some other cool things involved."

Lisa Bonos, a dating and relationships writer for The Washington Post, used her column to chime in on the story.

In her expert opinion, "there is nothing wrong with scheduling more than one date in a single night" these days. "With so many singles on so many apps and more first dates happening than ever before, it is hard to figure out whom to meet and how to fit them all in."

But she advises to schedule no more than two dates per night.

"It seems that Pylant's date was curating his own speed-dating night Monday," she wrote. "That's fine at an actual speed-dating event, where the presumption going in is that everyone has mini-dates with lots of people. But if you're making plans with someone in the real world, they're expecting your undivided attention for the amount of time you're together. More than two dates in a night and I promise you will not be able to keep everyone's details and personalities straight."

Sources: Daily Mail, Inside Edition via Daily Mail, The Washington Post / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Inside Edition via Daily Mail

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