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Man Says He's God, Killed His Dad 'Satan' (Photo)

Man Says He's God, Killed His Dad 'Satan' (Photo) Promo Image

An Illinois man accused of stabbing his father to death on Aug. 13 told authorities he is God and his father was Satan.

"I'm not getting off of him, you’re going to have to shoot me,"  Assistant State's Attorney Joe Cullen wrote in in a court filing, detailing what 22-year-old John William Shenko told the deputy at the crime scene, the Chicago Tribune reports. "My name is God. I killed Satan."

The deputy added he saw John straddling 60-year-old Kevin Shenko's body near the front door of the Shenko home, saying: "Die, die, die, die, die." Police needed a stun gun to finally subdue John, who had allegedly stabbed Kevin over 100 times.

John's mother later told police her son had a "long history of mental illness" and had been hospitalized for psychological issues three times. In the past, he had reported suicidal thoughts, been diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and had shown aggression towards others.

According to his mother, John had previously been "extremely abusive" to her and punched her in the face. John also reportedly once plotted to kill a teacher.

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"Due to the defendant’s violent behavior, Ms. Shenko and her daughter shared a bedroom and would sleep with the door locked in fear of the defendant’s behavior," Cullen wrote.

John has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his father. He is currently being held on $2 million bail while awaiting a psychological exam.

Kevin was a supervisor at a spray nozzle manufacturer in Glendale Heights and a passionate fisherman as well as a car enthusiast.

Those who knew him say he was a "loving father" and deeply mourn his death.

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"You were an extremely loving father to both, so proud and excited for their futures," said one commenter on the Moss Family Funeral Homes' online obituary. "Until we meet again Kevin may you rest in piece while the good lord holds and protects your family and gives your beautiful daughter the strength to continue her education and continue to thrive. I love you just like a brother Kevin... never Good bye - till we meet again."

"Reading Kevins [Facebook] post, there no was denying he was a Proud both of his kids," added another. "To say Kevin will be missed is a gross understatement. When I say my daily prayers @ night...Kevin will be my first thought & my last prayer....Lov ya Buddy."

"You were one of the good ones, genuine, a man who put his family first!" chimed in a third. "You've left a void in not just me but many."

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Moss Family Funeral Homes / Featured Image: Emily Brown/Flickr / Embedded Images: Kane County Sheriff's Office/Chicago Tribune, Pixabay

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