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Man Says Cops Wouldn't Help Find His Stolen Vehicle (Video)

Jeremy Waller says his pickup truck was stolen on June 6, but the police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, refused to help him recover the vehicle, which he did by using Facebook (video below).

Waller told KOB-TV that he heard his low-rider Chevy pickup truck being stolen, but by the time he ran outside his home the vehicle was gone.

"First thing, I called 911, but I logged into Facebook," Waller recalled.

Waller posted about his stolen vehicle on the popular social media site.

"My friends responded immediately," Waller said. "I think [in] 20 minutes they found the truck."

When a police officer arrived, Waller's friends were on his speaker phone tracking the truck.

"I was sitting here with the cop, I told him, 'Hey, my friend is behind the truck and this is where it's at,'" Waller stated.

According to Waller, the cop said the police would not pursue the stolen vehicle.

Waller, who lost a leg in motorcycle crash in August 2016, said: "They wanted nothing to do with it. Just a lot of the events lately, I've seen similar stories and it's just disappointing that they almost act like they really don't care."

Waller used another vehicle to join his friends, and they blocked the thief in; Waller recovered his pickup truck.

KOB-TV said it didn't reach out to the Albuquerque Police at the time because the police have been distributing KOB-TV's content to other news outlets.

Albuquerque was ranked number one in auto theft per capita in 2016, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, noted KOB-TV.

Albuquerque reportedly had a 50 percent increase from 2015 to 2016.

KOB-TV viewers voiced their feelings about Waller's story on the station's web page:

APD won't pursue a stolen truck. Could that be because the thief might take off, resulting in a high speed chase and when someone gets hurt, the family sues APD? Seems APD is d..mnd if they do, and d..mnd if they don't.

It seems that we are being forced into a vigalantee type of justice with our law inforcement NOT ENFORCING the laws. I don't care if they are mad at the courts for not giving these repeat offenders more time. We pay them to protect us and our property. When they don't what are we suppose to do? Either they get off their butts or we will HAVE to take it in our own hands.

Channel Four is famous for posting the news in a manner that makes cops look bad. There is more than one side to this story, but you won't read it here. It is never a good idea to stand in judgement without all facts, but when the news is framed in such a slanted manner, it's natural for people to do just that--and it gives our police officers another black eye... and makes their jobs even more difficult and dangerous.

Sources: KOB-TV (2) / Photo credit: Rescuenav/Flickr

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