Man Saves Self By Diving Underneath Oncoming Subway Train (Video)


Ralph Mercado reportedly fell in front of a subway train in New York City, but saved his life by laying down in a trench between the tracks.

After the subway rolled over him (and into Union Square), Mercado was hospitalized with only a bruised left hand on Saturday, noted

A video shot from inside the subway train was posted to YouTube by user "Suzannah Artist" aka witness Suzannah Troy.

Mercado, 55, told police that he jumped on the tracks to save a woman, but witnesses didn't see anyone else. They claim Mercado was the one who fell.

“I heard screaming," Troy told the New York Post. "He was reaching out to the people reaching out to help him, but there wasn’t enough time to grab him. He went back to the middle. His head turned looking at the train. [Then] he’s right under the train! He’s right here!”

Mercado is currently being held at Bellevue Hospital for a psychological evaluation.

Sources: New York Post and


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