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Man Breaks Into Car To Save Dog Locked Inside

A Jackson, Michigan man is being called a hero after he broke through a car window to save a dog that was locked in the hot car.

Alex Soper says he was approached by a woman in a mall parking lot who said that there was a dog locked in a car with the windows rolled up on the hot day. Soper and the woman searched for the owner and even called the police, but after waiting for a half hour, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

“It was in the heat of the moment,” said Soper. “This lady was distressed. She tells me everything and I look in there. There's this helpless dog again and it had to be done. Somebody has to do it whether it was me or the next person that walked up behind me. Someone was going to end up doing it. It was a hot, hot day and it was hot inside the car and the windows weren't even cracked not that I condone that but not even a window cracked.”

Soper says that he was left with no choice but to break the window.

“I gave it a good thud and the window just fell,” said Soper.

Now, many are hailing Soper a hero for breaking the window to save the dog, but unfortunately, reports point out that even though his intentions were good, he could be charged for doing damage to the vehicle. Still, Soper says he knows he did the right thing.

“Given the chance I'd do it again,” Soper said.

It is not clear if the dog’s owner has been charged for leaving the animal in the hot car.

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