Man Saves Girl From Knife-Wielding Attacker In Target, Store Sues Him


When a man stabbed a teenage girl in a Pittsburgh Target in March 2013, several people came to her aid and fought the man off. Now Target is suing one of them.

Michael Turner protested outside of the East Liberty neighborhood store on Thursday, WPXI reports. Wielding a sign that read “Target Sues Stabbing Victim HERO,” Turner marched around the outside of the store to let everyone know what had happened.

"I figure if I come out here and let the public see what's going on, I think I'll get some help from the public,” Turner said Thursday.

According to Turner, in March 2013, the attacker stabbed his friend in shoulder minutes before the Target scuffle and a few blocks away. Turner, the wounded man, and two others chased after him, reports WTAE.

“We were looking for him so I could call the police on him, because he stabbed my friend,” Turner said. “That’s why we were trying to catch this guy, because he stabbed someone for no reason.”

When Leon Walls stabbed teenager Allison Meadows, Turner ran up to the man while swinging a bat. Target claims that Turner pursued Walls through the store, causing unreasonable harm to others, according to WPXI.

Meadows’ family certainly does not agree with Target’s sentiment.

“We have sued Target, because they failed to keep Allison safe,” the Meadows family's lawyer, Lisa Circeo, wrote. “Suing Michael Turner is just Target's way of trying to blame someone else for what happened under their own roof.

"The family certainly doesn't blame Mr. Turner, and they are thankful he was there that day."

The court found Walls guilty but mentally ill. He has not yet been sentenced for the stabbing.

“I thought I did a good thing, it backfired,” Turner told reporters.

Turner added that he fractured his pelvis during the incident and has not been able to work since.

"I feel very sad inside,” he said. “Now, you got to think twice when it comes to helping someone. You may get sued.”

Sources: WPXI, WTAE
Photo Credit: Social Media, Mike Mozart/Flickr


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