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Man Sacrifices Life To Save Fiancee After Bike Crash

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A Shreveport, Louisiana, man was killed while pushing his fiancee out of the way of a moving car following a horrific bike crash.

John Newhart, Jr. was killed after he and his fiancee, Kimberly West, were riding on his motorcycle and he lost control -- causing West to fall off. Newhart ran to the street to get her, and threw her out of the way just as an oncoming car hit him.

"He tossed her out of the way, and he got hit point blank," Newhart’s friend, Pyro, told KSLA. "He went out a hero, he sacrificed himself to save the love of his life," Pyro added. Newhart was killed instantly.

West was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was put in the ICU in serious condition. She is expected to survive.

“He'll be remembered as a hero for what he did for her,” friend Brandon Bridges said. 

“It just speaks volumes for the love story they had,” another friend, Tommy Campbell, added. “The world needs to know he died saving the woman he loved."

Newhart’s son, John, spoke to KSLA, expressing his shock at his father’s sudden death.

“That was my best friend, he wasn't just my dad, he was my best friend. I didn't think I'd lose him at 22,” he said. 

The pair had just gotten engaged a few weeks prior to the devastating accident.

“They were set to be married in May and I'm  just heartbroken that isn't going to happen,” Newhart’s stepfather, Alan Joyce, said. 

In a similar incident, a Massachusetts man was killed in a motorcycle accident just days after proposing to his fiancee, who was the passenger on his bike when the crash occurred.

“They were magical together,” Michael Carlson’s mother, Virginia, said of the love his son and his fiancee, Elaina Sebek, shared. The couple raised their six children together -- three of the kids were Carlson’s and three are Sebek’s.

“The six kids were everything to them,” Virginia Carlson told the Sentinel & Enterprise. 

“He would help anybody with anything,” she added. “He was a fun-loving guy who would do anything for anyone."

Sources: KSLA, Sentinel & Enterprise / Photo credit: Kimberly West/Facebook via KSLA

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