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Man Run Over By Girlfriend After Apparently Being Caught With A Minor

A Maine woman reportedly ran over her boyfriend after she allegedly caught him abusing a 12-year-old girl.

Authorities found James Oliver, 48, in a driveway with a serious injury to his leg while responding to reports of a domestic disturbance in Noblesboro, Maine.

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Daily Mail explains that Oliver, a convicted sex offender, was caught by his girlfriend, Linda Currier, 53, who walked in on him reportedly trying to sexually assault the girl.

The altercation then spilled outside the home where Currier reportedly hit Oliver with her car. Currier was then arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence as well as aggravated assault. NBC News reports that she was booked into Twin Bridges Regional Jail and later released on bail pending a court appearance.

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As for Oliver — he was taken to a local hospital and arrested after being released from the hospital. He has been dealt the following charges: attempted gross sexual assault, unlawful sexual touching, and failing to comply with the sex offender registration act for not updating his address. He is currently awaiting a court appearance after being transferred to a state prison and has previously been convicted of sexual abuse and rape of a minor in the past.

Officials said that the 12-year-old girl did not require any medical attention after the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC News, USA Today  

Photo Source: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office


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