Man Robs Home And Repeatedly Stabs Homeowner Before Fleeing, Only To Get Killed By a Train While Escaping


One thief in Iowa got a fatal dose of karma this week after breaking into a home, repeatedly stabbing the homeowner before fleeing the scene, and telling him, “move and I’ll kill you.”

Karma reared its ugly head when the thief, while running away from the home he robbed, tried to climb between the freight cars of a moving train and was completely severed in half.

Lopez Christian Webster, 32, was killed instantly when the train ran him over. Reports show that the train’s operator was not aware that he had run over anybody until he was flagged down about 12 miles north.

The knifed man whose home Webster broke into is expected to recover from his injuries. He says he did not know Webster before the break-in, but was able to help authorities identify the now deceased man.

Right before fleeing, Webster stole an item from the home. The victim reported the robbery and stabbing to police just before Webster was run over by the train. Webster reportedly has a criminal record and is survived by two children.


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