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Florida Man Admits To Disemboweling Girlfriend

Police have released new details in a disturbing case in which a Florida man ripped out his girlfriend's intestines after she screamed her ex's name during sex.

Fidel Lopez, 24, initially told police that he and his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, 24, were drunk on tequila and had rough sex before Nemeth became ill and went to the bathroom. Lopez told interrogators that he called 911 after finding her in the bathroom.

A series of newly released interrogation videos show police prying the truth from Lopez after they suspected he wasn't telling the real story.

"Fidel, this was not a case of rough sex," one detective said in the video. "You have to do the right thing and tell the truth."

"I'm doing the right thing," Lopez responded.

Lopez said that he loved Nemeth and maintained that he did nothing wrong. 

"She's a good girl," he said. "She's a perfect girl, man. She's my love."

Finally, Lopez admitted what truly happened that night.

"She changed my name," he said. "She called me the name of the other guy. And she said it twice and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him. At that point, I get mad. I get really, really mad."

According to WFOR, police say that Lopez then admitted he became a "monster" and destroyed the apartment before disemboweling Nemeth.

"I wasn't thinking, man," Lopez said. "I wasn't thinking."

A crime scene video was also released by prosecutors, showing the inside of the apartment following the horrific incident. The video shows an open bottle of tequila, a smashed glass door, and a hole in the wall. The walls of the apartment, specifically in the closet, are covered in blood.

Lopez pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and sexual battery and has been held in jail without bond since September 2015.

Sources: KFORDaily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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