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Widow Thankful After Man Returns $10,000 He Found In Used Car

On the morning on Oct. 29, a used car technician at Crown Hyundai dealership in St. Petersburg, Florida, was reportedly cleaning out a car that had been traded in when he spotted something unusual.

"I saw an envelope and I'm thinking, 'Oh, it'd be nice if it was full of money,' and it was," Brett Cadoratch told WFLA.

The envelope contained a whopping $10,000 in cash.

“All hundreds. Brand new,” he said.

 “Obviously you think about keeping it, but I knew I couldn’t," he added. "I wasn’t raised that way.”

Cadoratch and his manager Chris Sanborn decided to find the car’s owner, and they discovered that it used to belong to a 70-year-old widow. The woman’s husband hid the money in the car, but died two years ago -- before he could give it to his wife as a gift.

The widow has decided to remain anonymous, but her daughter, Belinda Sawyers, was moved by the gesture. 

“For that individual, to be honest, to give that money back, says a lot about the person and about the company that he works for, and we just wanted to say thank you to him because he’s an extremely special person,” she said.

Sawyers’ parents were married for 47 years and her mother was hesitant to sell the car.

“It was special, it was the car that my father had purchased for her and that’s why it was such a difficult decision to finally get rid of it,” Sawyers said.

She added that the money is a sign from her father.

“He’s still around," she said. "Even though he is not here with us in body he is still here with us in spirit."

Cadoratch was modest about his good deed.

“It wasn’t mine, I wasn’t raised that way…plus if it had been my money, I would’ve been going nuts,” he said.

The owner came back to give donuts to the entire service department and gave Cadoratch a special gift as thanks. 

This isn't the first time someone has been praised for returning a large sum of money. In April, a Canadian taxi driver returned nearly $11,000 that two passengers had forgotten in his cab, Calgary Metro News reported at the time. Following the incident, the taxi driver's boss called him a "hero."

Sources: WFLA, Calgary Metro News / Photo Credit: WFLA


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