Man Resuscitates 300 Pound Shark (Video)


These days shark fishing is often equated with the brutal practice of "finning," which is when a shark's fin is cut off and the animal is returned to the sea where it dies.

However, there is a little-known humane sport known as "recreational shark fishing," which is basically a catch-and-release of sharks.

This type of shark fishing is not without its risks, as the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states on its website:

If proper techniques and guidelines are not followed, the shark may become injured or overly stressed and when released, may not survive. For better survival of released sharks, anglers need the right mix of gear and techniques—because what you fish with and how you fish can make all the difference in whether a released shark will live or die.

An amazing example of recreational shark fishing was recently posted on YouTube (video below) by a user with the handle "Gasparilla BigGame."

The title of the video claims the shark weighs 300 pounds. While that's hard to tell, the amazing part of the video is when the fisherman actually jumped in the water to move the bull shark's tail and swim with the creature.

"Caught and released this shark by swimming because the shark was so exhausted I needed to give it a kick start. The fish was released perfectly and the hook was removed!" wrote the fisherman.

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