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Man Rescues Dog Before Wife From Drowning On Sinking Yacht

A yachtsman sailing from East London to Madagascar chose to swim his dog to safety before rescuing his wife when their yacht started sinking after striking a reef on Sunday.

The husband, Graham Anley has been a volunteer for the National Sea Rescue Institute for the past 22 years, according to the Inquisitr.

Graham and his wife Cheryl were both equipped with lifejackets when the yacht — called The Boundless — ran aground, according to News 24.

The couple’s 9-year-old Jack Russell named Rosie also wore a specially made life-vest, which had an emergency strobe light attached to it.

After their yacht hit a reef, Graham called in for help and set up a Global Positioning Distress beacon.

Cheryl’s safety line had gotten caught in the yacht’s steering gear as the boat sank, but her husband helped her get to shore after swimming Rosie to safety.

The couple and their dog were unharmed, but the yacht was significantly damaged by the incident.

The National Sea Rescue Institute sent a helicopter and brought the family to safety.

Sources: The Inquisitr, News 24 


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