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Colorado Man Rescues Dog With Tape Around Its Legs And Muzzle

Carl Allen was driving around Denver, Colorado, on July 11 when he saw a dog with its muzzle taped shut and legs taped together on the side of the road. 

"The dog was standing still and we just saw the white tape on the mouth and I said 'is that a dog with its mouth taped shut?'" Allen told KUSA.

Allen and his friend immediately stopped the car and ran into the middle of the street to help the animal in distress.

"The dog started urinating on itself it was so terrified," Allen said. "We just kept trying to pet it and tell it that everything was ok, that we're just trying to help you."

Allen managed to get ahold of the 8-month-old German Shepherd and remove the the tape. The dog is now safely at the Denver Animal Shelter, where she is recovering.

“Hopefully not too long because the longer they stay in here they tend to get a little bit [antsy],” Animal Protection Officer Sgt. Stephen Romero told KDVR. “So the sooner we can get her out of here the better for her, is what the goal is for us also.”

Romero hopes to find whoever taped up the dog and left her by the road.

“It’s disgusting that people would do that to their dog, or to any dog," he said. "They should have to answer for those actions that they do."

Allen also hopes karma catches up to the dog’s owners.

“From seeing the condition that it was in, to you guys saying that it is perfectly fine now it brings joy to me,” he told KDVR. “But what would make me more happy is the person that did that get caught.”

Sources: KUSA, KDVR

Image via KUSA


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