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Man Rescues Abandoned Dog With Casts On Its Legs

A dog affectionately known as “Afro Man” is safely in the care of a foster family after a man from Morley, Alberta, Canada — a First Nations settlement — found the dog with abandoned by the roadside. The dog’s long, curly, black fur is overgrown and has casts on his two front legs.

Afro Man was left on the side of the road with a bag of food, Calgary Herald reported.

“At first I thought it was a hoax, like just to rile us up ... because it just seemed so unlikely with the bag of food. But (a man) stopped on the dirt road and took it home and found us on the website,” Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue dog behaviorist Rory O’Neill told Global News.

Because Afro Man’s casts appear to have been done by a professional, O’Neill believes the dog might have been abandoned by owners who panicked over the cost of treating the pet. After learning about Afro Man, Scarlett Yakiwchuk told Global News she saw the dog get picked up by a family earlier that day.

“This lady came up with two smaller children, and a boy said, ‘did you lose a dog with two casts?” Yakiwchuk said. “She said she found him on the side of the road coming up from Radium.”

Yakiwchuk said she thought the woman would keep the dog. “So I just assumed the dog was going to be taken care of after that.”

O’Neill thinks Afro Man is a poorly groomed poodle. “Our team thinks it’s a backyard breeder (who left the dog) because they don’t make any money off of dogs that have been injured to this degree,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill hopes the story will encourage someone to come forward with more information, noting that the dog is sweet-tempered. “People care. This man took him home, found us on the Internet, took the time to get help and he said he called because he wants to see the dog get some veterinary help.”

Sources: Calgary Herald, Global News / Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Rescue via Global News


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