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Man Admits To Smoking Marijuana Before Fatally Striking Woman With His Car

Elizabeth Kemble, 46, was on her way to donate blood when she was struck by a car and killed in Gresham, Oregon, where she was walking in a marked crosswalk. 

According to court documents, the driver, Jacob Walters, 27, told police he was smoking marijuana just before the crash, KGW reported.

Kemble, of Portland, Oregon, flew 35 feet in the air after she was struck and suffered from spinal and head injuries, a broken arm and pelvis, and a fractured leg. She was transported to Oregon Health and Science University, where she died on Oct. 5.

Walters faces charges of second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, reckless driving and driving under the influence.

According to Don Kemble, the victim’s husband, she was an outspoken advocate of legalizing marijuana. On Oct. 1, just days before the crash, Oregon legalized marijuana for recreational use.

"This was a very unexpected, tragic end to her story," Don told KGW. "She was more than a victim here. I hope [Walters] doesn't get a second chance. Suspend his license forever. I hope this guy doesn't drive again.”

Sources: KGW, State of Oregon / Photo credit: Heath Alseike/Flickr


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