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Man Reportedly Fired From Home Depot Over Controversial Tattoo (Photo)

One man says a tattoo of the word “ISIS” got him fired from his job as a tool demonstrator at Home Depot, but the meaning behind it has nothing to do with the terrorist organization.

According to reports, Kirk Soccorso, a tool demonstrator at a local Home Depot, showed off a tattoo to a coworker. Soccorso says he had previously gotten the tattoo for his ex-girlfriend, whose name is Isis, after she suggested they tattoo each other’s names.

“I honestly didn't know what the acronym meant until just recently ... I was just making conversation,” Soccorso said. “I overheard the world. I didn't realize.”

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Soccorso says that once his company found out about the tattoo, they told him not to return to work. Now, Soccorso is speaking out, saying that his firing was unfair, and the employee is also planning to file a lawsuit. Home Depot, however, reportedly claims that the firing was not solely based on the ISIS tattoo.

Sources: CBS 6 AlbanyNews 12 Long Island / Photo Sources: CBS 6 Albany, News 12 Long Island


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