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Man Reportedly Breaks Into Ex's Home, Shot To Death By Homeowner

A Maryland man was shot to death after he broke into his ex’s home on July 6.

It’s believed that 30-year-old Craig Corbin was shot after breaking into the home in Marlboro through a window. He reportedly used a screwdriver to open the window and climb into the house.

It's believed that Corbin was the homeowner's ex boyfriend. He entered the home around 2 a.m.

Corbin allegedly called the homeowner the night before breaking in and claimed he would kill everyone inside the house. Shockingly, there were children in the home, reports TheBlaze.

What appears to be a shooting in the homeowner’s defense is currently under investigation. It’s reported that the homeowner is cooperating with police. 

Only Corbin was injured during the break-in.

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Sources: TheBlaze, CBS News

Photo Credit: Screenshots via CBS News 


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