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Man Reels In Enormous Trout At Canadian Lake (Video)

Two Canadian trout fishermen were recently rewarded for their patience in a big way.

The men, a father and son duo, were ice fishing on the frozen waters of a lake in Atikokan, Ontario a few weeks ago when the father felt every fisherman’s favorite feeling: that familiar tug on the end of the line.

Right away, he knew he’d hooked a big fish.

“Is this the hardest fighting lake trout you’ve ever had?” the son asked his father.

“Yes, this is a 20,” he replied. “Stay on there big boy.”

After a seven minute fight, the father managed to gaffe the fish and pull it out of the water. It was even bigger than he’d imagined.

After staring in disbelief for a few moments, the father exclaimed “Can you believe this?” as his son laughed hysterically in the background.

The trout measured in at 43.75 inches. The longest Lake Trout caught on record was 59 inches long. Regardless of world record comparisons, this is a huge fish.

See it for yourself:

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