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Man Charged With Felony After Attacking Elderly Couple Who Tried To Help His Dying Wife (Photo)

A New York Border Patrol agent is charged with assaulting an elderly couple who tried to assist his dying wife.

Bryan McDonald, 34, is facing felony charges of second-degree assault after allegedly attacking Carol and Richard LaDue, reports North Country Now. The assault is considered a felony due to the ages of the victims, who are 65 and 66 years old, respectively.

Ashley McDonald, Bryan McDonald's wife, was lying dead in the road after she had been hit by a car.

The LaDues were driving home in separate cars when they arrived to the scene of the accident. Carol said someone appeared to be flagging her down while she was approaching the area. After getting out of her car, McDonald suddenly started attacking her, reports Watertown Daily News.

"He was really out of control,” Carol told WWNY. “The next thing you know, I put my hands up, he popped me in the head and knocked me unconscious.”

Richard arrived at the scene soon after his wife. He tried to mediate the attack when McDonald punched him in the face, according to Watertown Daily News.

"His wife was laying in the road and all we were doing was trying to help the guy and to have that kind of reaction, like he didn't want anyone near the body," Richard said.

McDonald has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

Carol had a sprained hand, concussion and several bruises after the incident. Her husband had a variety of injuries, including a broken nose.

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The events surrounding the attack have left the LaDues with several unanswered questions, as McDonald’s behavior was disconcerting given the state of the accident.

"I'm not sure it was all grief because it was just very unnatural because normally you would be over the body and crying or screaming or something and he was quiet when I got there and he became angry as soon as I took a couple of steps forward and that's when he came at me," said Carol.

"I think he would have beat her to death, I really do, because there was no stopping the man," stated Richard. "He was just out of control and very, very aggressive."

"My big question is why was she in the road?” Carol pondered. “Did she fall there? Did she walk out there and fall down? Did he hit her? Who knows? We don't really know.”

Sources: WWNY, North Country Now, Watertown Daily Times / Photo credit: Intellihub, CNY Central

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