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Man Reacts Quickly After Experiencing Every Father's Worst Nightmare

A man from Joliet, Illinois, caught his teenage daughter having sex with a much older man in the basement of their home, police said.

The girl's father caught his 14-year-old daughter engaging in a sex act with 32-year-old Anthony Shannon, who is reportedly the father of one of her classmates, in the basement of the girl's home, the Joliet Patch reports. The discovery happened shortly before midnight on Dec. 26.

When caught, both Shannon and the girl climbed out through a window and the girl's father chased them into the street. The teen was reportedly wearing only shorts and a T-shirt in the cold December weather.

After her father called the police, the cops planned to use a dog to track her down. Before they could start looking, the teen was found on a neighborhood street.

She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. She reportedly refused to cooperate with police when asked about Shannon.

The girl's father, who had reportedly met Shannon before at his daughter's school, told police where he lived.

Officers went to his home in Crest Hill, Illinois, but he was not there.

Shannon later agreed to go to the police station for an interview after speaking with officers by phone. He was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for having sexual relations with a minor under the legal age of consent, which is 17 years old in Illinois.

Aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a Class 2 felony and carries a sentence of three to seven years in prison, according to the 2012 Illinois Criminal Code.


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