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Man Rapes Woman To Get To Prison, Go After Son's Killer

On June 9, a 49-year-old Florida man named Joel Jones was sentenced to 25 years in prison under bizarre circumstances.

In August 2014, after allegedly raping a woman at knifepoint, he called the police on himself, then claimed that he committed the crime so he could go to prison and take revenge on the man who killed his 14-year-old son, reports Yahoo! News.

After Jones was convicted, Circuit Judge Jack Cox told Jones that his excuse for the crime was baseless.

"This case is not really about what someone did to your child, but what you did to someone else’s child," the judge said. "The things that you did to her were completely beyond the realm of what a human being should do to another human being."

Jones’ criminal past would seem to confirm Judge Cox’s assessment.

In 1991, Jones was convicted for sexual battery and burglary, for which he served two years in prison, according to the Palm Beach Post, which also reports that Jones spent almost eight years behind bars for second-degree murder.

Jones’ most recent crime began with a fraudulent Craigslist ad, which he reportedly used to lure his victim with the promise of a job that didn’t actually exist. When the woman who responded to his ad met him to interview for the bogus job, he allegedly raped her and then called 911.

His wish for returning to prison was thus fulfilled.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Palm Beach Post / Photo Credit: Yahoo! News

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