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Man Rapes Girl For Months, Police In Tears When They Discover His Horrific 'Foreplay'

Man Rapes Girl For Months, Police In Tears When They Discover His Horrific 'Foreplay' Promo Image

An Iraqi asylum seeker allegedly forced a 10-year-old girl to watch pornography before raping her. 

As reported by Breitbart, a 45-year-old refugee identified only as Ahmed is on trial for raping a 10-year-old girl in an asylum camp in Tjörn, Sweden. The incident was reported by Swedish news outlet Aftonbladet. 

According to the report, Ahmed is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the 10-year-old girl from July to September of 2016. He also reportedly raped another woman in the camp on as many as 20 separate occasions.

According to the Christian Post, the woman raped by Ahmed is the 10-year-old's aunt. She married Ahmed in order to protect her honor, but Ahmed contnued to abuse her throughout their marriage, before then raping her niece. 

In February 2017, Ahmed was sentenced to six years in prison, followed by deportation back to his native country of Iraq after the 10-year-old provided testimony and DNA evidence was obtained.

The girl's aunt called police after she discovered that Ahmed had been raping her niece. Despite evidence against him, the court chose to ignore accusations that Ahmed had raped his wife, saying that there were doubts about the claims and focusing only on the rape of her niece.

Ahmed is now attempting to appeal the court ruling in order to avoid being deported back to Iraq. The case is ongoing. No date has been set for a final ruling at this time.

Sweden has seen a rise in the number of attacks from migrants in recent years. 

According to Breitbart, two of seven suspects were sent to jail in connection with a sexual assault and abduction case. The two men were referred to as "stateless refugees" because they came to Sweden with no papers, meaning that they cannot be deported. Instead, they were sent to jail for the March 2016 rape.

A group of men reportedly kidnapped the 23-year-old victim at gunpoint in Helsingborg, before driving her to Malmo. The men covered security cameras in a coffee shop in the city before taking her down below, where more men were waiting. The group of men reportedly took turns raping the victim, either one-at-a-time or in pairs.

Police were only able to track down two of the seven suspects in the case, which they consider to a be a good outcome.

"It's good we found forensic evidence, it can be difficult [to find] sometimes," police said in a statement. "On some fabrics for instance, it can be difficult to find traces of semen."

Sources: Breitbart (2), Christian Post / Photo Credit: UNHCR/Warrick Page via BT

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