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Man Rapes 82-Year-Old Grandmother And 49-Year-Old Uncle, Sentenced To 15 years In Prison

An 82-year-old Oregon woman had just one question for her grandson, a man who raped not only her, but also his own 49-year-old uncle: Why can't you look at me?

Willie Johnson, 35, couldn’t look his grandmother or uncle in the eyes during his sentencing in court on April 13.

He pleaded guilty in March to charges of first-degree sex abuse and attempted rape and was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Judge Nan Geller.

The attack occurred on July 1, 2014. Police were called to a residence in north Portland on reports of a sexual assault, KPTV reported.

Both victims identified Willie, who also goes by Aundre, as the suspect. He ran away after the attacks and a K-9 unit searched the area to no avail.

The next day, family members reported that Willie was at an area McDonald’s restaurant. Authorities found him there and arrested him, KOIN 6 News reported.

On the day of the attack, his grandmother, Luvicer Johnson, said she thought he was coming over to talk about his father, who had recently died.

When Willie arrived, Luvicer said he struck her in the throat and threw her “like a rag doll.” She screamed for him to stop but he didn’t listen.

Willie, who was already a registered sex offender on a previous charge of first-degree rape, told his family he blamed drugs for his actions.

Luvicer said Willie’s drug abuse was a not a valid excuse for what he did to her.

“I asked him, ‘when did you make up your mind to do this? What was your reasoning? Why?'” she told KPTV. “He never said anything, he was just looking straight, and it wouldn’t have been the truth anyway.”

The grandmother said she will never forgive Willie and she will never understand his actions.

“I told him what I wanted to tell him, that I hope this would be the last time that I see him, and from the time that he did this to me until right now, I haven’t changed how I feel about him,” Luvicer said of the day she addressed Willie in court.

Luvicer said she is recovering from her attack and is doing much better physically. She is happy with the sentence Willie received but said she would be much happier if he was sentenced to an additional 15 years.

Sources: KPTV, KOIN 6 News

Photo Credit: Screen Capture Via KPTV


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