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Man With STDs Accused Of Raping 2-Year-Old Girl

Police arrested a 30-year-old Arkansas man with sexually transmitted diseases for reportedly raping a 2-year-old girl.

The child required medical treatment after the alleged assault, KATV reports.

In October 2015, police were notified about the incident after the little girl was taken to an emergency room.

That November, the toddler was taken to a hospital to treat "lesions to her genital area," the affidavit states.

Meanwhile, police officers began investigating the case and identified William Buffaloe as a suspect. He cooperated with authorities and was tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Buffaloe tested positive for for herpes, and the "findings were consistent with medical reports as they relate to the victim in this case," according to the affidavit.

When questioned, Buffaloe admitted to being the only adult male with the girl before the assault occurred.

Unfortunately, this case isn't the only one of its kind.

Ohio man Gary Sovie, 48, was arrested after photos of him allegedly raping a 2-year-old were found in a bag he donated to the Salvation Army, the Daily Mail reports.

Authorities said the photos were  “very clear” and “very disturbing.”

Sovie later confessed to police that he had taken many photos of him and the child together.

“I am a sick person,” Sovie reportedly told investigators. "That was me. Just put a bullet in my head."

Police said the alleged rape likely happened in 2000 and that there may be more victims.

According to the organization 1in6, the majority of adults who sexually abuse children were abused or otherwise neglected as children themselves.

“None of these possible reasons (or any others) can excuse the sexual use or abuse of a child,” the organization argues.

Sources: KATV, Daily / Photo Credit: Vinelink via KATV

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