Man Puts On Hugo Boss Aftershave, Gets Attacked By Neighbor’s Cat


A father ended up with a 3-inch gash on the back of his head after being attacked by a neighbor’s cat because it hated the smell of his aftershave.

Ian Olver, 44, a plasterer, put on some Hugo Boss Bottled Night scent, which was given to him by his wife Hayley, 40, as a Christmas present, the Plymouth Herald reports.

The dad-of-two was attacked Saturday by his neighbor’s cat, Blue, a normally-placid three-year-old who has a phobia of strong aromas.

The animal jumped on Ian and began clawing at his neck and ears as soon as it got a whiff of his perfume.

He was able to fight of the cat but the three-inch cut on the back of his head needed treatment and a tetanus injection at the hospital.

Olver, of Plymouth in Devon, England, said: “I put on two or three squirts before going out but it wasn’t as though it was overpowering.

“But as soon as I was inside the cat leapt up off table and landed on the back of my head.

“I managed to fling it off but it jumped up to have another go. This time I managed to knock it away with my shoulder.

“It was only then that I touched the back of my head and saw my hand was covered in blood.

“It was so bad my wife called a paramedic out and then took me to hospital to have my cut glued together.

“I don’t have any animosity towards the cat I just think it had a really bad reaction to the aftershave. I thought it was a nice smell - but obviously the cat didn’t agree.”

His Plymouth neighbors, Mark and Lorraine Bawden, both 38, have cared for Blue after he was rejected by his mother when was born.

“He does have a few issues and one of them is he’s very sensitive to smell,” Lorraine said.

Hugo Boss did not comment.

According to, humans have nearly 5 million scent receptors, whereas cats have 200 million scent receptors.

(Photos via the Plymouth Herald)


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