Man Puts Baby In Cooking Pot With Vegetables (Video)


Perhaps the most bizarre video ever uploaded to YouTube made its appearance recently, featuring a man who opens a vegetable pot only to reveal a baby inside.

As the man pretends to cook the baby, he can be heard speaking in Arabic.

“That’s what we are having for dinner today,” he says. “This what we will eat today.”

It’s not clear where the video was filmed, though "Emirates 247" reported that the man had a Saudi accent. The news site also suggested that the video was a cruel joke by a Saudi national to please his family members.

The voice of several children, who are thought to be the man’s own, and a woman’s voice can be heard in the background.

The video was first uploaded to an Arabic daily known as Sabq, then picked up by "Emirates 247." Many who saw the video on "Emirates 247" responded negatively.

“Even if he is joking,” one commenter wrote, “this man certainly has no conscience, no religion and no brain.”

Another commenter noted that the hearts of some people have turned to stone.

It’s unclear whether or not the Saudi authorities will be investigating into the video and the man who uploaded it.

Sources: Inquisitir, Filipino Times


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