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Man Punches Puppy In The Face In Latest Disturbing Viral Clip (Video)

A disturbing video that has recently gone viral shows a man repeatedly punching a dog in the face in an act of revenge against his girlfriend, and now, that man could face serious charges.

Tom-Jan Hüsch, 20, angrily punches the defenseless dog, a gift from his former girlfriend, in the face during the 45-second video. According to reports, the German man’s girlfriend recently broke up with him, so he made the video to get back at her. In addition to hurting the dog, Hüsch threatens to kill it and anyone else who makes him angry.

Authorities say the 10-week-old puppy lost a tooth, suffered a concussion, and had a swollen face after the brutal beating. After receiving the video, Hüsch’s girlfriend reported it to local police in Germany, and Hüsch was sent to a mental hospital for treatment. If convicted of violence against the dog, Hüsch could face up to 3 years in prison under German animal protection laws.

After the video went viral, many different websites were reporting that Hüsch was assaulted by someone who tracked him down once they saw the video, but the latest reports say those claims were fabricated and that the pictures showing his badly bruised face were photoshopped.

The puppy is now reportedly living with a loving foster family and is recovering from the injuries it sustained.


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