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Man Pulls Out Gun At Del Taco Because His Order Was Taking Too Long (Video)

A man visiting Del Taco in Livonia, Michigan, just before 4 a.m. on Oct. 27, pulled a gun on employees because he was allegedly upset that his order was taking too long (video below).

The unidentified suspect was cordial when he drove into the Del Taco’s drive-thru, but his mood seemed to change after he paid, Fox 2 Detroit reported. Sgt. Michael Mockeridge of the Livonia Police Department told the Detroit Free Press the man demanded a refund after waiting for his food.

The suspect got off of his cell phone, exited his car, and pulled out a gun as he leaned through the window and threatened the employees before driving away.

No one was injured and the incident was caught on camera.

It is unclear what the man ordered.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Fox 2 Detroit / Photo credit: Fox 2 Detroit


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