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Man Pulls Kids Out Of SUV That Flipped '10 Times'

When an SUV reportedly flipped over 10 times on a Michigan interstate, Norm Augustinus did not hesitate to help.

MLive reports that the vehicle veered left off the road, "like someone fell asleep or had a medical thing," Augustinus said. The SUV crashed at about 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, reportedly throwing four or so people into the air.

"I don't know how people lived," he said. "I didn't expect them to be alive."

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Augustinus, a writer from New York, immediately pulled over and ran to the smoking car. Concerned about a fire, he pulled a young girl out of the car by her hair. He was also able to extract a young boy with a cut on his head.

"It was a brutal accident," he said. "I pulled really hard to get the girl out, she was 5 or 6, I hope I didn't hurt her. I got a blonde boy out and an older man was trapped inside."

Bystanders joined him, as they tried to pull an older man out of the car, but they were unable to.

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The rescued victims were injured and in a stupor. Augustinus stayed with them, speaking to them and trying to help until emergency services arrived.

They airlifted a boy from the scene as well as a woman complaining of neck pain. Michigan State Police say that the Bay County Sheriff's Department is currently investigating the accident, and they would not comment on Augustinus' account of events.

Earlier this month, an uncle received widespread praise for rescuing his niece from a terrifying car crash, after he and his sister were thrown from the car, according to Using his phone camera as a flashlight, he caught the dramatic moment on a video that went viral.

Both were tested during a potentially dangerous moment.

"I just wanted to help people and I surprised myself," Augustinus said. "I was pleased to do it. All my life I hoped I could help someone like this in some capacity. Boy did that test me there."

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Sources: MLive, / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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