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Man Pulled Over For Driving Erratically After Thousands Of Honeybees Get Loose In Car (Photos)

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Montana Highway Patrol officers pulled over a man who was driving erratically and swerving all over the road, and soon discovered thousands of honeybees flying loose inside the car. 

Highway Patrol officers were alerted to the situation when drivers began reporting someone being erratic on the road and unable to stay within their lane. The driver was pulled over, and officers discovered he had been transporting five Russian honeybee hives inside a box.

Along the way, the bees began to free themselves from the box and roam throughout the car, causing the driver to panic and swerve on the highway.

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“The state apiarist was contacted," Montana Highway Patrol wrote in a Facebook post. The post noted that although an unsafe way to transport bees, the driver didn't need any permits to have the bees in his car.

Although it is not against the law to transport bees, the way the man chose to do so was considered to be unsafe and he was subsequently issued a citation for careless driving. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, The Dodo

Photo Credit: Montana Highway Patrol via Daily Mail,


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