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Oregon Man Expected To Survive After Being Pulled Head First Into Wood Chipper

An arborist in Leaburg, Oregon, came within inches of losing his life on Feb. 12 when he became caught in some branches being fed into a wood chipper and was pulled in.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was about to reach the blades of the machine when he was able to kick the safety bar, the Register Guard reported.

The safety harness he was wearing became entangled with pieces of tree, causing him to be pulled into the machine, officials said. A firefighter added that the fact he was wearing a helmet probably saved his life.

The man had trauma to the back of his head and a broken leg.

The arborist was treated for his injuries at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield, Oregon, and is expected to recover.

Operating wood chippers can be a dangerous occupation.

In December 2015, Mason Cox, a 19-year-old from North Carolina, was killed on his first day on the job when he was pulled feet first into a wood chipper.

His colleagues heard the machine struggling and hit the kill switch, but it was too late.

The shock of the incident resulted in John Crawford, the business owner, having a heart attack.

“How could this happen to such a vibrant, young gentleman?” Cox’s grandmother, Alice Neal, said to WSOC.

Sources: Register Guard, WSOC / Photo credit: Creative Commons via OregonLive

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