Man Protests Neighbor's Surveillance Camera That Points At His House


A resident of Plantation, Fla. is outraged that his neighbor has a surveillance camera facing his property, constantly capturing a video feed of his own yard. 

The man, John Gambino, claims that the camera appeared after he reported his neighbor, Della Denman, to the authorities for violating various city codes. 

Denman claims that Gambino's report had nothing to do with the installation. Instead, she claims she installed the camera after finding that someone had tossed chicken bones over her fence. She has three dogs, and she was worried that they might accidentally consume and choke on the bones. In Denman’s mind, the camera is a protection against future events that may threaten her pets.

“I’ve got to be able to protect my dogs,” Denman said, according to the Sun-Sentinel. 

Gambino believes that his neighbor’s use of the camera represents an unjust and unfair invasion of privacy. The current laws in the state of Florida, however, justify the existence of the camera. 

Speaking to the Orlando Sentinel, Broward County public defender Howard Finkelstein explained that a Florida voyeurism law defends an individual’s right of privacy in his or her bathroom and other locations where he or she feels uncomfortable being watched. A yard, however, is not covered under this law.

“You have the right to use your property the way you see fit and that can include cameras. If the camera is pointed at the neighbor’s front door, the right of the homeowner to have cameras trumps the neighbor’s privacy,” Finkelstein said.

Gambino is working with the city council in order to have the law changed to prevent homeowners from directing cameras at their neighbors. 


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