Man Proposes To His Girlfriend While Being Arrested (Video)

Man Proposes To His Girlfriend While Being Arrested (Video) Promo Image

During his arrest, an Oklahoma man stunned police officers when he asked if he could propose to his girlfriend (video below).

Brandon Thompson, 35, has several felony warrants out for his arrest, according to CNN. On July 4, Officer Bob Lynch of the Muskogee police recognized Thompson and followed him home. 

Lynch and his partner, Officer Lincoln Anderson, detained Thompson in the front yard and placed him in handcuffs. They were then both shocked at Thompson's next request.

"I asked the officer if I could propose," said Thompson. "The officer said, 'You want to do what?' and I said, 'I want to propose.'"

Anderson told KOTV he couldn't believe the request.

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"When the other officer told me he was gonna propose I think my initial response was, are you kidding me?"

Body camera video shows Thompson asking his mother if he should "do it now." He then told her to get the ring and got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend, Leandria Keith.

"I love you," Thompson said to Keith. "Will you be my wife, please?"

Keith said yes, and officers moved Thompson's handcuffed hands from his back to his front so he could place the engagement ring on his new fiancee's finger. 

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"I didn't want to part ways with her not showing exactly how I feel for her," Thompson said. "I want her to be my wife for the rest of my life."

Thompson said he is trying to turn his life around and told his mother he is "tired of running."

He has six warrants out for his arrest which are for a number of charges, including possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and failure to appear in court, WCMH reports.

He has been with Keith since May 2016. Keith told KOTV she was shocked by the sudden proposal, but also ecstatic to hear Thompson's profession of love.

"It feels great," she said. "I know that he loves me and I love him and we can get through anything together."

Anderson, one of the arresting officers, hopes the proposal is a sign Thompson is serious about changing his life.

"Maybe by him taking this step to propose to her, so they can get married, he can take a step to getting his life together and putting these warrants behind him and improving the life of his kids and his future wife."

Anderson also hopes the proposal will send a larger message to the public -- one that showcases the humanity of police officers.

"Police officers are human," he told CNN. "We care about the city we serve and the people in it. We all want to see someone get their life on track ... Sometimes the smallest gesture of kindness is the biggest influence in someone's life."

Thompson was released after Keith used the couple's savings to bail him out. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 17.

Sources: CNN, KOTV, WCMH / Photo credit: Michelangelo Carrieri/Flickr, Muskogee Police Department via Daily MailKOTV

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