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Man Predicts The Next Big Earthquake Will Hit July 12

A Pittsburgh man claims that he can predict when earthquakes will occur, and according to his calculations, the next big one is set to happen on July 12.

David Nabhan is the author of “Earthquake Prediction: Answers In Plain Sight” and says that he has figured out a common thread between all major earthquakes in recent recorded history.

“I realized this sort of conscience doesn’t happen in science,” said Nabhan. “These dawn and dusk quakes during new and full moons are the paradigm on the west coast. All six great quakes that have struck in Los Angeles that have killed people since the 30s, all of them, dawn or dusk [quakes].”

Most modern scientists say there is no way to predict an earthquake, but Nabhan says that “conjoined lunar and solar gravitational tides,” are what cause them.

“Just imagine the muscle required to move our oceans around every day,” said Nabhan. “Our fractured fault lines are not immune to this power.”

While Nabhan is convinced that he knows when the next quake will occur, U.S. Geometrical Survey seismologist Lucy Jones says she does not believe they can be predicted.

“There’s a very slight correlation. Not enough to predict any earthquake out of it,” says Jones. “People try to make patterns out of anything that scares them. We haven’t found anything that looks different before a big earthquake than other times. We get enough people sending us predictions. The slug trail lady who used to go out in her driveway and map out the slug trails in the morning and use that to predict where the next earthquake was going to happen. The reality is earthquakes happen 5 to 10 miles deep in the earth and surface weather doesn’t affect anything at that depth.”

Nabhan says that the next earthquakes will occur on July 12 and September 9 within three hours of either dusk or dawn.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS Pittsburgh, Los Angeles Daily News


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