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Man Commits 'Suicide By Cop,' Kills One Officer Before Being Fatally Shot (Photos)

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A young man in Ohio wrote a goodbye message to his friends and family on Facebook before committing suicide by cop, killing a police officer in the process.

Trepierre Hummons, a 21-year-old Cincinnati, Ohio, resident, posted the status just before calling the police on Friday morning.

“I love every last one of y'all to whoever has been in my life... you're the real mvp,” he wrote. 

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Hummons reportedly made two frantic calls to the police before officers arrived at the scene. The calls, according to authorities, reported a man acting belligerent in the street with a gun in hand. When dispatchers asked for the man’s race, the caller — now said to have been Hummons — said, “A black man, of course.”

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell told reporters at a press conference on Friday that Officer Sonny Kim, 48, was one of the first to arrive at the scene, and engaged in a gunfight with Hummons. Kim was killed in the exchange. A probation officer also arrived on the scene, and he was also fired at by the young man, 

“The suspect posted on Facebook just prior to the shooting and sent several text messages to friends indicating, or demonstrating, that he was planning suicide by cop,” Blackwell said.

Hummons’ mother was at the scene with her son before Kim arrived, attempting to keep him away from the officer, according to the Daily Mail. By the time Kim arrived, however, shots had already been fired. Hummons’ mother was at Kim’s side attempting to help him while he was on the ground dying. 

Her son then used Kim’s weapon, which he obtained from him while he was on the ground, to fire at another officer. Officer Tom Sandmann, the third officer on the scene, ended the gunfight by firing a fatal shot at Hummons.

Blackwell said that if Hummons’ mother had not been in the street, there might have been more fatalities.

“He was so much more than how today ended, so much more, and could have been so much more, and it's just unfortunate to see his life, you know, is gone at 21,” Hummons’ uncle, Stephan, said, according to WCPO.

Though Hummons sent text messages to friends prior to the incident that indicated he was saying goodbye, his father said that type of thing was not out of the ordinary for his son.

“He did that kind of thing all the time,” Robert Hummons told WCPO. “He always told people he loved them and made a point to do that. He would send me a message like that every day."

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Humans had an extensive arrest history that included citations for disorderly conduct, evictions and driving without a license, as well as multiple felony convictions for burglary and weapons-related incidents. On the day of his death, Hummons was reportedly being charged with a  sex crime.

“I don't know anything,” Nancy Fant, Hummons’ grandmother, said. “I know they're saying he violated his parole. I know my grandson is not on parole. I'm just asking God for peace and what I do know is all the shooting has got to stop."

Sources: Daily Mail, WCPO

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