Man's Craigslist Ad Takes Sleaziness To A Whole New Level (Photo)


People find some pretty sly ways to cheat on their spouses and significant others, but this North Carolina man takes the game to a whole new level.

The man, whose identity is unknown, took to Craigslist recently and posted a “Missed Connections” ad hoping to be put in contact with…wait for it…his wife’s labor delivery nurse. Sounds too ridiculous to be true, right? Check this out:

“This is probably a long shot but you were the nurse taking care of my wife while she was having our baby,” he wrote. “I enjoyed our eye contact and would really like to talk to you more. Maybe tomorrow I will be there most of the day and I will bump in to you in the hall way or see you at the nurse station.”

Damn. This guy’s poor wife. Here she is tearing up her body to deliver their baby, and he’s off on the side looking for some fresh action. There are few words you can use to encapsulate this level of sleaziness, but feel free to give it your best shot in the comments section.

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Sources: Craigslist, The Stir


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